Pops of Color in Cacti

Have you been searching for a fun way to add color to your walls or to just have a fun DIY girls night? Then this is the perfect craft for you!

This craft sort of sprouted accidentally as I noticed I had several blank canvas piling up on my desk [craft supply hoarders, I know]. With our pop-up shop at The Farm the following weekend, I figured I should spruce up the plain white canvas with some BRIGHT colors to attract attention and hopefully some buyers ( ;

So here’s the step-by-step with some freedom!


  • Any size canvas (I used 8×10 pieces from a bulk pack at Michael’s)
  • Acrylic Paint in an array of colors
    • Honestly, I had several neon colors laying around and figured I’d put them to use. Find your paint, and start arranging them in fun groups of colors you like!
  • Various paint brushes
  • Pencil


Creative Freedom starts here


As you can tell, I chose about 5 colors of paint and used them for each piece. By having a vibrant background it allows the true piece to stand out – perfect since I love my plants!

All you really have to do is sketch an outline of something you like (I found the Opuntia and Saguaro to be the easiest) and just go with it! Don’t stress about perfection, let your creativity flow!

I’ll be sure to add templates for paintings in a future post, but for now – let your mind wander and try painting your favorite plants or landscapes (I promise, it’s relaxing).

Have a creativity filled day Loves!





Good Afternoon you beautiful people, and happy 2017! If you’re anything like me, you love colored gel pens and sticky notes, graphic stickers, the sleek pages of a new planner – and avoiding the organization process itself. Let’s try to fix that! It’s a new year, so how about truly creating the NEW YOU to further improve our skills, like remembering when our homework is due, or when the next doctors appointment is. Who knows, maybe we can start scheduling some “me” time – or blog time!

Today, I’ve assembled a haul of 2017 Planner printables that you can view here!


View a few of the planners below


We love our blogging community and can’t wait to share them with you! Each link through the Pinterest board will direct you towards the individual blog and download link, happy organizing!

So what’s YOUR favorite organization style? Share with us below and I’ll be sure to personalize a printable for our readers ❤





My Strange Addiction: Embroidery

Good morning Loves!

So it’s no surprise that my newest hobby has become an addiction – but the outcome is SO cool that I can’t stop! So here’s the newest addition to my Sonoran Desert collection:

Similar to my Waves embroidery piece, this work has more detail but allowed me to test out new texture techniques to get the right “look” and “feel” from the thread. Want to see more of the process? See below!

The look and feel of the Sonoran Desert, with the help of simple thread

And the final product: 

Let me know what you think! I’m thinking of possibly making a tutorial video, any tips?? I’d love to see you all give it a shot!

Thank you for reading about my “strange” addiction – once recruitment is over and we schedule a crafternoon, there will be a special secret exposed (but you’ll have to wait a tad longer) 😉
XOXO, Crystal