Working Women Have Their OWN Space in Gilbert, AZ

Welcome to ThriveAZ – a space for women to work alongside like-minded individuals and empower each other while doing so. A space – to create! I mean, for me it definitely was [check out this fun new piece I made during my “work” break]!

Let’s Get S**t Done!

Now if you’re like me and you have a habit of being easily distracted in your own home while trying to get work done – then you NEED to visit ThriveAZ and seriously consider joining!

I spent the second half of my work day at Thrive earlier this week and cannot believe how productive I was – I mean really – I never focus like I did at Thrive! I am not one to force my friends to do anything I wouldn’t do, so this is me being real and recommending something I believe in. Thrive is a community built around strong women, and I believe in that.

So, are you anything like me when it comes to being productive? If so, take a look at Thrive – I promise you’ll love their space!

Below are the amenities included in your membership, and for only $400 for the year you get access to all these goodies + and more!

Screen Shot 2018-01-24 at 2.06.58 PM

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never focus like I did at Thrive! I am not one to force my friends to do anything I wouldn’t do, so this is me being real and recommending something I believe in. Thrive is a community built around strong women, and I believe in that.

So, what do you think? Ready to take the next step and visit Thrive? If so, let me know and I’d be more than happy to meet you there for one of their Wine & Whine nights!


Upcoming Workshops and Markets

Good Mornings you beautiful humans!

2018 has been off to an amazing start – I set my intentions to focus more time and effort into the shop side of Sunday Mornings and MUCH more time into transitioning this blog into a DIY + Tutorial blog (more on that coming soon). Alongside this whirlwind of a new year, I have been much more involved in the communities around me and will be hosting several workshops + selling at various markets in the next few weeks [eek, very exciting!].

See below for the dates and location of the planned events through April [as of now]:


February 8th, 2018 – Workshop

Gilbert, Arizona @ The Art House


February 10th, 2018 – Workshop

Avondale, Arizona @ Universal Cup Coffee


February 15th, 2018 – Workshop

Phoenix, Arizona @ PinspirationAZ


February 17th, 2018 – Workshop

Phoenix, Arizona @ The Farm at South Mountain


March 31st, 2018 – Market

Chandler, Arizona @ Rawhide Event Center

Pinology Market


April 7th, 2018 – Market

Gilbert, Arizona @ The Art House


Wishing you the very best that 2018 has to offer,




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Peruvian Adventure!

This has been an adventure – to say the least! I was fortunate enough to travel to Peru this week with my college on a group trip. From Cusco to Machu Picchu, and off to Puerto Maldonado’s rainforest! We are currently flying to Puerto Maldonado where we will be staying at the Inkaterra Field Station – I’ll have to share that experience with you all later this week once I return home to The Valley of the Sun.

Check out this adorable baby alpaca? The little cutie I was holding was only a week old and the one next to me was two weeks old. I actually began to shed tears because I was THAT happy!
A bus tour ended with us visiting Sexy Woman hill – well, I don’t actually know the real name but that’s what the guide told us was the Americanized name. It’s hard to tell how large the doorway is – but it’s double my size!I bought a few gorgeous landscape art pieces by local artists and can’t wait to hang them!And look at these babies!!!!!

Thank you for reading! I can’t wait to hear your thoughts 💕

New in Store!

Guess what, Loves?! We have some great NEW additions to our shop – feel free to give them a look and let us know what you love! I’ve been working on some new goodies for some time now and have just found the PERFECT spot to showcase my work – keep an eye for that to be reveled shortly (as soon as I make exclusive pieces).

Can you say, cacti-obsessed? I know!

I would greatly appreciate your help if you took some time to favorite our Etsy Shop and share it amongst your friends, we’d love to share our work with more amazing humans!



Pastries and Pink

Gooood Afternoon Loves!

This weekend was  jam-filled with work and eventually led me to being quite filled with sweets! I started my first training day at this gorgeous cake-house in Scottsdale and my pastry-chef dreams were reignited! I mean, how can you NOT fall in love with this spot? Macarons, cupcakes, gorgeous custom cakes, boba and more – count me in!


Macarons, cupcakes, gorgeous custom cakes, boba and more – count me in!

I’ve created two beautiful stock photos of vines found at Ruze Cake House and adjusted their brilliance to work as a simple backdrop for any stock photo need!

Heart VinesFullSizeRender 3

My first day was amazing – and I truly cannot wait to go back this Sunday for my FIRST shift on my own [scary stuff but I’m pumped]! I mean, really, check out the gorgeous backdrop we have in-house for all of our aesthetic-loving customers.

IMG_8457SO – if you’re ever in Old Town Scottsdale and craving a scrumptious macaron – this is the place to be!




Pops of Color in Cacti

Have you been searching for a fun way to add color to your walls or to just have a fun DIY girls night? Then this is the perfect craft for you!

This craft sort of sprouted accidentally as I noticed I had several blank canvas piling up on my desk [craft supply hoarders, I know]. With our pop-up shop at The Farm the following weekend, I figured I should spruce up the plain white canvas with some BRIGHT colors to attract attention and hopefully some buyers ( ;

So here’s the step-by-step with some freedom!


  • Any size canvas (I used 8×10 pieces from a bulk pack at Michael’s)
  • Acrylic Paint in an array of colors
    • Honestly, I had several neon colors laying around and figured I’d put them to use. Find your paint, and start arranging them in fun groups of colors you like!
  • Various paint brushes
  • Pencil


Creative Freedom starts here


As you can tell, I chose about 5 colors of paint and used them for each piece. By having a vibrant background it allows the true piece to stand out – perfect since I love my plants!

All you really have to do is sketch an outline of something you like (I found the Opuntia and Saguaro to be the easiest) and just go with it! Don’t stress about perfection, let your creativity flow!

I’ll be sure to add templates for paintings in a future post, but for now – let your mind wander and try painting your favorite plants or landscapes (I promise, it’s relaxing).

Have a creativity filled day Loves!



The BEST of Seattle – The Emerald City

If Seattle isn’t on your bucket list of  ‘U.S. cities to explore’ add it now! Coined the Emerald City for the vast greenery that meets the Pacific Ocean. Today however, I am not going to talk about nature, it’s all about downtown – the urban jungle and why this place makes it to my top 10.

Quick Guide to Downtown

  • Parking
  • Pike Place
  • Waterfront
  • Space Needle
  • Monorail

Parking wasn’t as bad as I had anticipated, found a great spot at the mall, Westlake Center (underground public parking). The cost of pricing was typical for a big city- $20/day. The mall itself had several levels of retail space, including typical anchor stores like JC Penny, Macy’s and Nordstrom.

Pacific northwest - 92

Iconic Pike Place

Five minutes from Westlake Center is one of Seattle’s top attractions, Pike Place Public Market. This bustling farmers’ market is filled with handmade goodies, gallery worthy artwork, fresh seafood, fruit, beautiful flowers, pet toys, and quirky trinkets galore! Make sure you stick around to watch a tourist complete the perfect catch from the playful fish vendors. Visiting from out of state? They can ship anything. It is also home to the original Starbucks.

Tourists beware* Plan on spending HOURS browsing the hundreds of goods and chatting with the talented artists and craftsmen eager to chat. I didn’t keep track, but I am pretty sure it took me over two hours and I know I missed a handful of booths.

The Waterfront

The walk to the waterfront takes about 15-20 minutes. There’s a ton of steps or at least it felt that way… and unfortunately they’ll still be there on your way back! Be sure to wear comfortable shoes.

There are however handful of ‘stops’ you can make on your way down to keep you entertained. The ‘gum wall’ is there ready for some epic selfies, local breweries, and multiple galleries, you can pop-into to break up the walk.

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Waterfront park is sandwiched between the Seattle Aquarium and Pier 57. The aquarium has a package deal that includes a cruise, but they also have an ‘a la carte’ price list, see below or follow the link for all their attractions and fees.

Aquarium only

Adult (ages 13 & over) $24.95
Youth (ages 4-12)* $16.95
Child (ages 3 & under) Free

I have always loved ferris wheels and I couldn’t pass up the ‘Great Wheel’ on the Seattle waterfront. The views are spectacular. The attendant gave about 3 go -arounds worth; it was nice to sit, relax, and soak up the city from 152 ft.

The Seattle Space Needle

It’s a given, you cannot visit Seattle and not see the Seattle Space Needle. Built in 1962 for the Seattle World’s Fair, the 600 ft+ landmark offers a 360 degree view of this captivating city. Bustling with people young and old, it is easy to see the fascination. Home to the Children’s Museum, Chihuly Gardens and Glass, Science Museum, Museum of Pop Culture, you must set aside multiple days to see it all.

I’ve gone ahead and added links to each of the museums for your reference.


Exhausted yet? I sure was. I recommend the monorail, conveniently built just steps from the Space Needle. What’s the cherry on the top? The monorail drops off at Westlake center, on the top floor of the mall right where I started!

Do you have any ‘must see’ attractions or restaurants in Seattle we should add to our list? If so, please do share your recommendations with us in the comments section below.

Until next time!

Plants for all *digital* occasions

Are you ready for this week’s stock photo round-up? If so – feast your eyes on these beauties!!



These are only a few of my favorites, if you’d like to see the full set click the link below. Don’t you feel slightly more relaxed just by seeing plants? I could easily go on about the health benefits of having plants around but to make it simpler for us all, how about just seeing them? If you’d like to Pin these photos you can check out our Leaves board ❤

Need more stock photos? [who doesn’t] Have no fear, we’ve assembled the following for you: Plants that rock your stock and our favorite stock photo sites.



Chicago in a Day!

If you happen to make it to the ‘Windy City’ this year, the bucket list of items you must see will be too long to do in a day. I made the most of the 24+ hours I had in this fabulous city, given the weather, with not more than $100 in my pocket!

Planes, Trains, & Automobiles

My fight into O’Hare (ORD) was pleasantly uneventful, had a chance to finish ‘Start Something That Matters’ by Tom’s Founder Blake Mycoskie; fun read on how one of the first social ventures came to existence. I needed to get to Downtown Chicago, so I hopped on the CTA Blue Line ‘L’ blue line train, which you catch underground for only $5 USD – a taxi cab fare would be about $40/ride. The Blue Line conveniently runs 24hrs a day, 7 days a week for your riding enjoyment.

The trip into town is about 45 minutes from O’Hare; the subway train goes above ground 3/4 of the way to Chicago, so you get a chance to do some sightseeing. I hopped off on Grand Ave, made my way up to the city streets to pick up water and wait for my ride.


By the time I made it off the train, it was close to 2pm and my stomach let it be known that the pretzels on the plane ride would satiate no more. Found my friends (yay!) and scouted our lunch venue. We found a cute place off of Randolph St. called Little Goat Diner it was incredibly busy, but they were quick to sit us.

chicago-1The ambiance was fun and young. All the menu items looked amazing, so we opted to pick a couple of items to share!

Our choices

Snack Corner (Appetizers): Goat Chili Cheese Fries & Machos Nachos

Breakfast (Served all day): Bull’s Eye French Toast

Sammiches: Los Drowned (braised beef, havarti, avocado, pickled peppers & onions, spicy mayo, hoagie)

Soup: Goat Chili

Everything met expectations, but the Goat Chili Cheese Fries were beyond spectacular!

Urban Jungle

After lunch we took a drive around the city to check out one of the most beautiful cityscapes I have ever seen. I ended up printing some of these and putting them up on my walls I love this city so much!


You cannot make a trip out to Chicago and not make it to ONE of their museums. Turns out that Bank of America Bank Card holders get free admission on the first weekend of every month! View list here of all the museums across the country you can get free entry to.

The lines were long to most of the ones on the list, we ended up finding a great deal on Groupon to the planetarium so we spent the afternoon enjoying the four story Adler Planetarium, which happens to be the first planetarium in the western hemisphere to open to the public in 1930.

This is a great place for the family. Many interactive installations and knowledgeable hosts to answer questions. Below is a slideshow of some of the exhibits for your viewing pleasure.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The museum has a fun retail space with t-shirts and great trinkets to take home. Make sure you budget accordingly.

To complete the trip we strolled around Solidarity Dr., where Soldier Field and Shedd Aquarium sit. I can’t wait to go back and visit each one!

*** This installation is right across from the Adler Planetarium, “Circle of Animals/Zodiac heads” Bronze, 2010 by Artist Ai Weiwei.

Arizona Sailing at Lake Pleasant

Though the myth of Arizona getting beach front property has yet to be debunked, we can still make a quick 30 minute trip from the urban jungle and experience Lake Pleasant. This reservoir gives any native Arizonan the feel of a ‘Baja’ sailing adventure and the opportunity at a ‘coastal’ breeze with our beautiful desert scape from the luxury of a boat.

We chose a local sailing company Arizona Sailing Adventures for this day trip and can’t wait to do it again!  The lake entrance has a nominal fee, (not included in the sailing package). The fee included up to four people and deck snacks. Our Captain, Bill provided us with fresh fruit, crackers, cheese and drinks for our 2-hour cruise along the lake.

The waters were peaceful and everyone on the lake, jet-skiing, kayaking, and boating was out soaking up sun, enjoying the beautiful Arizona winter weather.


Weekly rate for 2 hour cruise: $200 for up to 4- guests ; $150 for 2-guests

Weekend rate for 2 hour cruise: $300 for up to 4 guests


Our vessel was a beautiful white Catalina 22′ sail boat, which Bill taught us to prep for sail and even allowed us to steer the beauty along the coast and back to dock. The two hour cruise was perfect for us and our two young companions (daughters 7 & 9 years old). I recommend that you apply and reapply sunscreen throughout the trip, and use the facilities before boarding the boat.

Want to learn more about Lake Pleasant? This site has short video clips and a ton of information on the marinas and restaurants for your future visit.