Wedding Planning: Finding The Dress

Good Morning Loves and welcome to the third installment of the Wedding Planning series! Now that you have [assumedly] read the first tow pieces about what to do first when beginning the planning process as well as how to tackle those DIY Pinterest worthy accents, we are now moving into the first EXTRA BIG deal... THE DRESS!  Now I won't lie to you - this process will not be the same for everyone. Some of you may find your dream dress on the first try whereas others [like myself] have far too many likes and can't quite decide on one - so we get two. Hey, it's your big day, do whatever makes you happy!


Wedding Planning: What you need to know first

Welcome back for the second edition of Wedding Plan! These tips and tricks are aimed to helping you plan the wedding of your dreams - whether its happening in the next few months or years! Today's post is meant to illustrate the first steps your should take in the planning process that will help outline … Continue reading Wedding Planning: What you need to know first

Wedding Planning with Pinterest Goals in Mind

Do you browse Pinterest in your spare time [or even your not so spare time] and plan out your dream wedding? Do you have a "secret" board stashed away with all of those ideas you LOVE but aren't quite sure how to bring to life without planning out how many times you have to sell your clothes to Plato's closet before you can make one piece come to life? Welcome to the club! We serve mimosas all day and craft all night [okay not really but that is definitely a club I would enjoy).

A Desert Engagement

This March, my long-time boyfriend proposed (finally!) and I couldn't think of a better way to capture this milestone in our lives. Two years prior, we celebrated Eric's birthday in Apache Junction and visited Superstition Mountain where we took a photo that we now wanted to recreate through our engagement photos.

How To Plan A European Adventure – On A College Budget

For my final Spring Break (ever) I planned an European Adventure for myself and two of my best gal pals, Alex and Lauren. This was Alex's first time abroad so I wanted to make sure we hit the hot spots to get the best experience out of our short week of travel. In typical Crystal fashion, I began the planning process about 10 months in advance and was able to score some amazing flights!

Working Women Have Their OWN Space in Gilbert, AZ

I spent the second half of my work day at Thrive earlier this week and cannot believe how productive I was - I mean really - I never focus like I did at Thrive! I am not one to force my friends to do anything I wouldn't do, so this is me being real and recommending something I believe in. Thrive is a community built around strong women, and I believe in that.

Upcoming Workshops and Markets

2018 has been off to an amazing start - I set my intentions to focus more time and effort into the shop side of Sunday Mornings and MUCH more time into transitioning this blog into a DIY + Tutorial blog (more on that coming soon). Alongside this whirlwind of a new year, I have been much more involved in the communities around me and will be hosting several workshops + selling at various markets in the next few weeks [eek, very exciting!]. See below for the dates and location of the planned events through April [as of now]:

Epic Birthday: Exploring Havana, Cuba!

It's a beautiful day for travel inspiration, and I'm here to get you hooked on Cuba! If you have an interest in history, architecture, or culture - this is a great place to visit; if you have an interest in gorgeous views, exploring, and bright and colorful building - this is a great place for … Continue reading Epic Birthday: Exploring Havana, Cuba!

Ready to Kick-start the New Year?

Welcome back Loves! It sure has been quite some time since my last post, so please forgive me. Senior year has definitely taken my by surprise and I admit to stepping away from the blog as I focus on my LAST year of college! (In case I decide to get a Master's, more on that … Continue reading Ready to Kick-start the New Year?

*Freebie* Embroidery Template!

Have you ever thought about taking up a new craft? How about Embroidery? Well I have a FREE template for you to test out your running stitch!